The Perfect Residence of Golf and Sustainability


The concept of sustainable living is often discussed with building materials’ strength and futuristic interior designs that stands the pass of time. However, along with these two ideas, recreational and health aspects of the home should also be considered. As you and your family grow older, you will need a neighborhood that supports you and your family’s healthy lifestyle. The very basic principle of health that can be affected by the location of your neighborhood is the facilities provided around said neighborhood. A cramped and packed neighborhood will most likely cause stress and fatigue on your everyday lives. A wide and ecofriendly living space is required in order to exercise your mind and body. One such solution is the Candigolf Residence’s very own cluster of Golf Residence II.

To begin with, the location of said neighborhood could not get any better for a sustainable, healthy life. Candigolf Residence is located on a hill overlooking the city of Semarang, where you can see lush greeneries from every corner. Furthermore, the Golf Residence II cluster is located directly beside a golf park, enabling you access to golfing and other healthy sport activities you can practice around the park. Not only does the spectacular view of the golf park prevents you from boredom, it also prevents forms of stress and fatigue made from cramped and packed residences. With a land size of 990 m2, there is enough living space in this residence for your entire lineage. The Golf Residence II can also withstand the test of time for your childrens’ children, as the expensive material used ensures an expansive building for you and your family. The outdoor swimming pool located in its second floor also provides another form of recreation for you and your family.

With the many benefits of living space wellbeing and sustainability, Golf Residence II is your ultimate choice for a home that withstands the passing of time, and still provides plenty of relaxation facilities for you and your family. The Golf Residence II and its massive luxury is awaiting you and your family’s settlement. Should you feel inclined to inquire further about Candigolf Residence and its Golf Residence II, you can always access our Candigolf social media through the website:, or the Instagram account:


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