About Us

Beyond a Place

Over years of experience, we realized the importance of creating something beyond a place.

Our township is not only about the provision of space, but it is also about bringing a livable ambience, enabling positive lifestyles, and nurturing a great and supportive community.

Standing between
past, present,
and future.

Back in 1997, we had a dream of a life in tranquility, a life ingrained in culture, and a life that is fulfilling. That was the beginning of Candigolf — a golf neighborhood above the hills with a great amount of nature overlooking the beautiful city of Semarang.

We believe that the concept of “Upward Living” is not only attained by having beautiful homes. Having a comprehensive, complete, and nurturing neighborhood is also crucial in realizing a fulfilled life. That is why in Candigolf, we uphold sustainability in all aspects of our development and engagement. We make sure to constantly innovate an iteration of space that nurtures other living beings, nature, and community.

In Candigolf, each and every day will inch you closer to an uplifted tomorrow. Embrace a higher sense of connectedness, new life, new hope, and vitality — a never-ending celebration of life amidst nature and prosperity

Our Developments

Nestled on 360 hectares of land, Candigolf believes in growing for a better and steadily improving quality of life. Our primary focus is on crafting a future that will fulfil your family's needs, offering a harmonious blend of comfort, luxury, and a wide range of amenities within a restful environment.

As an independent township, Candigolf creates an entirely new ecosystem that fuses the highest standards of living. This includes providing supportive infrastructures, educational institution with international standards, various leisure amenities, and convenient access to healthcare facilities in close proximity.

With an exclusive bridge providing seamless connectivity and direct access to toll roads, Candigolf ensures high accessibility while maintaining a reliable security system to elevate your overall well-being.

At Candigolf, we strive to provide you with the opportunity to embrace the best possible life.