The New Candigolf Semarang: Upward Living

As one of the leading agents of property investment and living with wellbeing, Candigolf is proud to present the most recent concept that drives us forward: Upward Living. We believe that you and your family’s living should no longer entail the worries and anxieties of the future. Our property supports this concept by putting forward what is important and necessary in a life empty of future concerns. We highly regard you and your family’s well-being in Candigolf, starting with our properties’ facilities and services. The numerous, exclusive clusters we provide are proof of our dedication into creating a living environment and community of uplift people.

The many services and facilities Candigolf provides has come far. With a singular theme of upgrading the wellness and wellbeing of our client’s lives, we have secured various architectural breakthroughs and achievements. The community we have created on the top hill of Semarang is the uplift community we strive to sustain, just as much as the sustainability of generations to come. We strive and hope to always be able to provide the optimal services and facilities for our clients onward and upward.

Now, Candigolf’s infrastructures plan to develop to not only create a sustainable, upward living, but also a sustainable, healthy, and upward community we can all be proud of. By emphasizing the concept of a sustainable living for you and your family, the need for wellness and health can be achieved for generations to come. With our clusters, your children’s children will be able to reap the reward, and taste the result of your upward life. 

In 2021, Candigolf introduced new masterplans, including Montana, Greenwich, and Royalle, along with new infrastructure design, covering the entire area from roundabouts, totem, cluster gates, and marketing gallery. All is done in alignment with our commitments to uplift people, uplift communities, and uplift lives. Now, the choice is yours. Further your efforts for a sustainable, upward living with Candigolf. You can access Candigolf’s social media through the website or the Instagram account: