Criteria for Accessibility before Buying a Property

Owning a property in a crowded city can be quite the challenge. Even more so when the property’s accessibility is the one in question. A house in a gigantic city can often lead to problems of how to get to it. The road connecting the property to the city may be large enough for any vehicle to go through it, but that is not an ease of access that should exist. Instead, that should be the minimum requirement of a property. The advanced ease of access for a property is about how most modes of vehicles and public transportations can reach a property. Further into the case, a property’s ease of access can also include accessibility for government facilities and the owners of the property, but not the general public.

Most properties nowadays have started to implement this idea of accessibility for their owners, avoiding unnecessary traffic and time spent on the road. For example, a road that is positioned to access said property will oftentimes enable many turn-around or roundabouts, giving maximum comfort for people travelling to be able to reach other areas of the property, or simply return to their property for items left behind. Public transport and government facilities are a great plus, as it allows services to reach the property at impeccable timing. Therefore, hospital ambulances and deliveries no longer take hours upon hours just to reach a few blocks away. Of course, it does not mean that anyone can enter. A secured gate needs to be maintained and monitored at all times, only allowing passage for certain vehicles.

Located at the very heart of Semarang, Candigolf has the most accessible route you could ever need for a property. Not only are there security posts monitoring the gates with roads reaching to various clusters, but also the closest distance of public services to reach the property. Supermarkets, parks, schools, and even hospitals are all within the reach of Candigolf’s roads. Public transportation is also not far off the entrance gate of the property, enabling you immediate access to the property straight from the drop-off. For further information about our property’s ease of access, you can access Candigolf’s social media through the website or the Instagram account:


Reference: Australasan Transport Research Forum