Candigolf Semarang: Established from Time to Time

Committed to delivering the greatest sustainable, upward living available to you, Candigolf Semarang is your one-stop solution for housing and property purchases. What started as a plan since 1996, Candigolf is now a property group highly-valued for providing the necessities for your wellbeing. Candigolf was officially established in 1997, with the determination to become the front-runner of sustainable living. The very concept of our establishment is the concern for the wellbeing of our customers’ living conditions. We are keenly aware of how an urban society requires the best quality of facilities and services required for its people’s living conditions.

Starting from the crowning jewel of our residential clusters, our very own urban oasis: the large mass of golf fields. Located inside our total land size of 300 acres, the golf club acts as the urban oasis for our residents. Amassing lush greeneries, serene water, and soothing trees, the golf field functions more than just a simple amenities facility, but more of a symbol of the care and beauty put into the design of Candigolf’s housing environment.

Stationed up on the hill overlooking the metropolis of Semarang, Candigolf is directly in the position of the beating heart of Semarang. In synchronization with our tagline, “upward living”, the very hills mark the heights of our commitment to providing luxurious qualities of life to our residents’ doorstep. A literal top of the world in Semarang, Candigolf connects the hustling uptown areas of the city to its bustling downtown. The route ensures a secure, and scenic passage for our residents’ daily activities.

Much like our undying commitment to delivering wellness to our residents, Candigolf constantly follows through on every ounce of change in architectural and societal trends. A trend that is famous in Semarang, is also the very trend that started from, or is adopted to, Candigolf’s architectural designs and policies. Our residential clusters are all built with the idea of connecting you and your family with the most sustainable living option available. Live upward with our residential clusters and services, accessible from our Candigolf social media through the website:, or the Instagram account: