Candigolf Launched New Residential Property in the Heart of Semarang

Introducing Montana, a contemporary residential property located in the heart of Semarang, the bustling city that has been attracting more and more attention in recent years. Developed by Candigolf, Montana shows a modern urban charm that appeals to families looking for a luxurious yet compact living space.

According to their architects, the highlight of Montana is its compact yet luxurious design, which offers a 2.5-level house with a private pool and an outdoor dining area. The house is designed to provide all the programs that a modern-working family needs within a compact space. The contemporary tropical architecture is complemented by a combination of raw textured materials and marble, giving the building a timeless elegance.

Inside, Montana is a marvel of space optimization and innovative technologies. The interior is designed to make use of every available inch while also integrating new technologies that improve daily life. The first and second floors are fully private, with an open plan and views to both sides of the house, which create a feeling of infinity and an illusion of a much larger space.

Montana’s site plan features streets with wide sidewalks and public spaces that cater to walkers in the area. Located at the heart of Semarang, Montana places its residents within easy distance from the city’s main business, education, and entertainment venues, including SIS Semarang, Mondial School, Candigolf Country Club, and Gandhi Memorial School.

For families seeking a contemporary living experience in the heart of Semarang’s vibrant community, Montana is an excellent choice. Its compact yet luxurious design, innovative technologies, and proximity to the city’s main attractions make it a desired residential property.