A Closer Look into Cornwall and Clarence at Royalle

Ever wondered what it feels like to live with the view of a park and a mountain right as you wake up? Sunrise and sunset visible at your immediate window? Blossoming greeneries surrounding your home? Such is the privilege and beauty of Candigolf’s Royalle Cluster. Positioned in Candigolf so that you can have a wonderful viewing angle of the Ungaran Mountain, the Royalle Cluster is the most recent engineering breakthrough among Candigolf’s property, made out of two types of clusters: The Cornwall and The Clarence types.

Constructed with a compact, yet luxurious design, the Clarence type is the first of the Royalle Cluster. Stretching on top of a 278m2-width land, the Clarence is a 3-storey house of magnificent greenery. With 3+1 bedrooms and 4+1 bathrooms, the house is as comfortable as it could get for you and your family. If that amount of spacious endeavors in a house is not enough, you still have our Cornwall type. As the bigger house in the Royalle Cluster, Cornwall supports a width of 328m2. Consequently, the amount of room and space is even bigger, with 4+2 bedrooms and 5+1 bathrooms. The breathtaking view of the mountain is sure to please your eyes on every waking moment in these Royalle Clusters. To add to the natural and tropical ambience, each of the Royalle Cluster is built with several mini-parks for you and your family’s outdoor activities.

The Royalle Cluster supports the very best of view and tropical ambience. The greeneries of both the built-in mini-parks and the towering mountain are made to cover your need for aesthetic views surrounding your home. None gives you as much comfort and space as the sovereign Royalle Cluster. Both the Clarence and the Cornwall type are made to rival the greatest of upward living and wellbeing. Access the excellence of our Royalle Clusters through Candigolf’s social media, whether through the website: Candigolf or the Instagram account: @candigolf.id.