A Brand New Look of Candigolf’s Marketing Gallery

Enter Candigolf with a new, fresh, contemporary, and uplifted feeling. Candigolf Semarang proudly presents the new design of Candigolf’s marketing gallery – a more depictive and more representative form that reflects the new Candigolf: fresh, modern, upscale, and always wants to give you the best.

Here at the brand new marketing gallery of Candigolf Semarang, you will be able to inquire about all types of houses, masterplan, and what’s new and coming at Candigolf. In line with the rebranding of Candigolf, the design of our new marketing gallery incorporates nature through its shape, form, and choice of material, but in a modern way.

Beyond our new marketing gallery, we also want to give you an enhanced live experience through the redesign of our infrastructure. Among our new infrastructure is the roundabouts in Candigolf, a statement that shows what the place is all about.

The new roundabout at Candigolf is redesigned to look even fresh, picturesque, and modern, with new, nature-inspired artwork sequenced along the main roads of Candigolf. There, a new totem will also be introduced. Such an infrastructure design is hoped to bring a biophilic experience to its community, in a modern way. 

Like all our other properties, we present you with state-of-the-art design that is representative of the new Candigolf. The brand new Candigolf Semarang welcomes you in style, providing you with the all-modern, clean, and sleek experience. Start your week discovering the great new things Candigolf is bringing to the estate. Find out more about the newest addition to Candigolf’s infrastructure by contacting us.  


Marketing Gallery : Boulevard No.1, Jangli – Kasipah, Karanganyar Gn., Kec. Candisari, Semarang, Jawa Tengah. 

Phone Number : +62 24 850 1000⁠  

WhatsApp : +62 818 085 010