8 Reasons to Live in Candigolf Semarang: Connected

Candigolf.id – More than ever, the human society has advanced their technology to be able to reach great lengths for a simple conversation. Currently, we face an era where information spreads at unprecedented speed, where a mere rumor can reach a different continent in a matter of seconds. Whereas previously, it takes days for a government-approved letter to reach another pigeon and tell tales regarding a country’s pressing matters. Such is the information era, where anyone can be connected to anyone through the internet. However, is it truly the form of connection that humans seek to obtain? It is true that emotional contact can be made through a screen, but more than that, a neighborhood with a great atmosphere and lovely people are endearing for anyone tired with the wires in their life.

Moving forward, it is expected that humans will end up living among very tall buildings with minimum floors and room space for their living space, due to the population spread and technological advancement allowing it to happen. Although not an entirely terrible idea, connectedness among people living in floors is somewhat redundant than among people living in blocks and districts. A sense of belonging among the people is necessary for a society to be made out of the values and beliefs of its people. None of the housings were made through segmentation, but more of an exclusive region belonging to a certain group of people who are connected to each other.

As a living residence, said region will need to suffice the necessities of its dwellers. Government and public facilities need to be available for the community to thrive. Natural elements are also crucial for the wellness and continuity of the future generations. Not forgetting the security and privacy necessary for every single household, then you have yourself an interconnected community of people. Of course, amenities and access to downtown is still required, as humans still need to make a living for themselves. All of these are what you can find in Candigolf residence’s exclusive clusters of upward living. Take a peek into the connectedness between human, machine, and nature at Candigolf’s social media, through the website: https://candigolf.id/, or the Instagram account: @candigolf.id.